Aegean style fish soup with fresh herbs and olives

Aegean style fish soup with olives and tomato sauce
100 gr prawn, a carrot, a tube calamari, 2 kg octopus, an onion, 2 pieces bay leaves, 5 gr black pepper seed, 20  mlt olive oil, 100 gr salmon fillet, 100 gr tomato sauce(for recipe; you can check angle hair borek) a seabass fillet,              3 pieces mussel, 10 gr black olive, 10 gr fresh basil, 5 gr fresh thyme, 5 gr salt, 50 gr butter, 1/2 bunch arugula, flat bread, 2 liter fish stock
    Octopus; Put octopus, chopped onion, carrot, lemon, bay leaves, black pepper seed, olive oil and half liter water together in a dip tray. Cover the tray with aluminum foil. Put in oven  must be 220 degrees pre-heated oven for an hour. Then leave to cold and clean – cut it cubes shape.
Cut calamari cube. Clean prawn. Take out skin of sebass fillet. Cut seaabass and salmon fillet cube shape.
First saute calamari cube with butter in a sauce pan. Close the sauce pan. If you like you can add a glass of white wine now! When start to cook calamari add mussel and octopus. Boil 5 minutes more and than add olives and tomato sauce. After five minutes add fish stock. When soup start to boil add seabass, salmon and prawn. Boil all together on law heat for 20 minutes. After add salt and pepper. Serve it with arugula and flat bread.

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