Arugula Saald served with herb cheese and glazed apple

Arugula salad with Van cheese with greens served with caramelized apple, candy
walnut and balsamic sauce
for sauce;
10 mlt balsamic vinegar, 20 mlt olive oil
Mix balsamic and olive oil until thicken
for salad;
an apple, 10 gr walnut, 10 gr sugar, 10 gr cherry tomato, 60 gr van cheese with greens , 5 gr leek, 10 gr carrot, 150 gr arugula, half lemon, 50 mlt sun flower oil.
Peel apple and cut down for four pieces. Put sugar in a pan add little bit lemon juice. When it stat to burning caramelized apple in teh pan.
Other side make a shyrup and boil walnut inside. After take out walnut and fry it in sun flower oil.
Cut Van cheese with greens as trianguşar. Cut leek and carrot very thin julienne and keep in cold water with ice for 2o minutes. We will use it for decoration at the end.
Mix arugula leaves and sauce. Take arugula service plate. Add candy walnut, cherry tomatoes, caramelized apple and cheese. Decorate with julienne vegetable and serve.

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