Beef carpaccio ravioli with pistachio

Beef carpaccio ravioli with pistachio, served with parmigiano and orange sauce
for carpaccio;
½ piece beef terderloin (its needs to be max. 1300 gram),  ¼ bunch fresh basil,  ¼ bağfresh thyme,
a piece garlic, 10 gr salt, 5 gr black pepper seed, 10 mlt  olive oil
        Clean the terderloin. Finelly chopped fresh basil, fresh thyme and garlic. Mix with olive oil. Flavour terderloin with salt and black pepper. Marineted with fresh herbs, garlic and olive oil. Seared on a really hot grill or pan. When it getting cold, cover it with plastic wrap until shape getting like a medallion. And than put in dee freezer.
for orange sauce ;
50 mlt fresh squezeed orange juice, 10 gr white radish, 5 gr cream
      Put orange juice in a saucepan. Add grated white radish and boiled it on law heat. When melted the white radish take out on heat and mix it with blender. When start to cold add cream inside.
for stuffing ;
20 gr goat cheese, 10 gr pistachio, 5 gr walnut, 5 gr fresh basil, truffle oil
     Mix goat cheese, chopped pistachio, walnut and fresh basil together.  Sliced beef like carpaccio and stuffed it with mixture. Closed carpaccio like packet. Important point that you need to fast and put ravioli directly to the service plate. Because, If you wait carpaccio will melt and can not stuffed and served. Add orange sauce in service plate very slowly. İt needs to be just layer the plate
You can decorated it with arugula leaves, sliced parmigiano, balsamic cream and truffle oil.

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