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Stuffed zucchini with Aegean greens

Stuffed zucchini with Aegean greens Ingredients; 2 pieces zucchini, an onion, a bunch mix Aegean greens, 50 gr boiled rice, a piece garlic, 5 gr grated lemon skin,  a piece sun dried tomato, 50 ml olive oil, salt and black pepper seed. Method;    Sautee jullien cutted onion and garlic with little bit olive oil in a pan. After a few minutes add jullien cutted sun dried tomato. When start to cook tomato add mix Aegean greens and grated lemon […]

Fish soup with wheat and honey

Fish soup with honey and wheat Ingredients; 200 gr wheat, 1.5 kg seabass, 300 gr onion, 1/2 bunch parsley, 1/2 bunch mint, 90 gr butter, 60 ml vinegar, 50 gr wheat starch, 3 egg, 200 gr lemon, 2 gr saffron, 10 gr salt Method; Soak the barley one day in advance. Rest the saffron and vinegar in separate container for 3 hours. Bring the wheat to a boil in 5 glasses of water and drain when cooked. Clean and salt […]

Mahmudiyye (Chicken with dry fruits) served with bulghur with chestnut

Mahmudiyye (Chicken with dry fruits) served with bulghur with chestnut (serves 6 ) for bulghur with chestnut; Ingredients; 300 gr thick cracked wheat (bulghur), 200 gr chestnut, 200 gr onion, 60 gr butter, 30 gr raisins, 10 gr cumin, 10 gr allspice, 10 gr tomato paste, a bunch dill,  10 gr salt, 1/2 liter hot water. Method; Sautee finelly chopped onion with butter in a pan. Other side wash and strained bulghur. Start to change of onion color. Sautee bulghur […]

Lamb cubes casserole served with rose rice (serves 4)

Terkib-i Çeşidiyye served with rose flavored rice ( 4 kişilik ) for rose flavored rice; Ingredients; 200 gr rice, 60 gr butter, 200 gr almonds, 2 gr saffron, 200 ml rose water, 30 gr honey, 10 gr salt Method; Rest of saffron in rose water for 2 hours. Remove the almonds skin. Wash and drain rice, then roast in a pan with butter. Add almonds. Mix in salt, drain saffron-rose water and add to rice. Once it soaks the water, […]

Helva-i Hakani (serves 6)

Helva-i Hakani (serves 6) Ingredients; 75 gr flour, 50 gr wheat starch, 60 gr. Rice flour, 300 ml milk, 125 gr. Butter, 300 gr. Honey, 125 gr. Almond kernels, 150 gr. Clotted cream. Method; De-skin the almonds, setting aside a handful for decoration and beating the rest with a mortar and pestle. Blend all three of flour in a container. In a seperate saucer, boil the milk and add honey, keeping them over heat. Melt butter in a pan, then […]

İMAM BAYILDI; Eggplant with onions, garlic and tomatoes

  İMAM BAYILDI; Eggplant with onions, garlic and tomatoes Ingredients; 4 middle size eggplant, 4 tomatoes, 3 onion,2 green fresh pepper, a red bell pepper, 2 pieces garlic, 5 gr fresh basil, 10 gr tomato paste, salt, black pepper seed, 50 mlt olive oil, 5 gr sugar, 10 gram maydanoz, Method;    Peel the eggplant half part with skin half part without. Put on heat or keep in ovenv(180 degrees) until cook it. During the period you need to turn […]

Stew style cooked vegetable in olive oil

VEGETABLE STEW DESCRIPTION All kinds of raw vegetable put in sauce pan one by one as cooking time. Stronge one must be undermost and onion, garlic and tomato upmost! SAMPLE RECIPE Fresh green bean cooked in olive oil; Clean string of fresh bean and cut it down. Put it under the sauce pan or casserole. Put julien chopped onion, garlic, peeled and chopped tomato top of fresh beans. Add salt, olive oil and good enough water. Put two sliced unpeeled […]

Vegetable cooked in sauce and olive oil

COOKED IN SAUCE DESCRIPTION Vegetable cooked in sauce on this group. Vegetable sauteed one by one with half of grated potato. Add good enough water and 1/3 orange juice. SAMPLE RECIPE Artichoke cooked in olive oil; Sauteed finally chopped onion in olive oil. Add small parizyen carrot and grated potato. Add one unit water and 1/3 unit orange juice. If artichoke is not fresh, boil it before put in sauce. If fresh when sauce start to boil add artichoke. Keep […]

Selection of Yoghurt Mezzes

Selection of Turkish Mezzes with Yoghurt DESCRIPTION Vegetables mixed with yoghurt. Main vegetable can be cooked or uncooked, grated or chopped in some recipes! SAMPLE RECIPE Butterde carrot with yoghurt; Grated the carrot and sauteed it with butter. When its getting cold mix it with drained yoghurt. Add garlic pure and little bit olive oil. Add sald. If you like spicy you can add red flakes pepper. Mix all mixture. THE KEY PART & If you use butter in this […]

Traditional Turkish style lentil soup with cruton bread and lemon

Traditional lentil soup served with caramelized onion and crutons for soup; Ingredients; 500 gr red lentil, 30 gr butter, a carrot, a lemon, an onion, a potato, 2  liter water, salt, red flakes pepper Method; Wash lentil for three times with cold water and filter it. Put lentil in a pan add water, finely choped onion, carrot and potato. Cut lemon and put it, too. When start to boiling keep on small fire for 45 minutes. Take out lemon and mix soup with […]