Category : Desserts

Helva-i Hakani (serves 6)

Helva-i Hakani (serves 6) Ingredients; 75 gr flour, 50 gr wheat starch, 60 gr. Rice flour, 300 ml milk, 125 gr. Butter, 300 gr. Honey, 125 gr. Almond kernels, 150 gr. Clotted cream. Method; De-skin the almonds, setting aside a handful for decoration and beating the rest with a mortar and pestle. Blend all three of flour in a container. In a seperate saucer, boil the milk and add honey, keeping them over heat. Melt butter in a pan, then […]

Caramelized Artichoke tart

Caramelized artcihoke tarte for caramel sauce; Ingredients; 40 gr sugar, 15 gr butter Method; On a low heat allow the sugar and butter to boil till brown then remove from heat. for artichoke compot; Ingredients; 4 pieces artichoke, 80 gr caramelized sugar, 200 gr sugar, 300 mlt water Method; Artichoke Compote On a low heat cook all ingredients in a pan for 30 minutes. for almond cream; Ingredients; 20 gr soft butter, 20 gr icing sugar, 20 gr flour, 20 gr […]