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Angel hair borek stuffed spinach and  ricotta cheese

Angel hair borek stuffed spinach and  ricotta cheese with light tomato sauce and fresh mint dip for angel hair borek; Ingredients; Kadayıf Pastry;15 gr Ricotta cheese, 10 gr butter, 40 gr mushrooms, 3 gr salt, 80 gr spinach, 2 gr peppercorns, 40 gr kadayıf Method; In order sauté the onion, mushroom, spinach and butter in a pan. Add flavour with salt and a pepper grind. Then drain the water and leave to cool. Once cool blend in the Ricotta cheese. […]

Pan fried scallop on bulghur and kiwi cake with lemon butter sauce

Pan fried scallop on rolled bulghur cake with kiwi served with lemon butter sauce for bulghur cake; Ingredients; a kiwi, 10 gr white cheese, 5 gr fresh basil, 5 gr walnut, 30 gr fine bulghur, a potato, 5 gr sweet powder red pepper, an orange, salt Method;      Put fine bulghur in a pan. Add hot water inside until top of bulghur. Keep pan close for 20 minutes. Other side peel potato and boil it. After boiled grated potato and […]

Deep fried seafood kofte

Pan fried seafood kofte served with fennel tartar and roshti potato for seafood kofte ; Ingredients; 1 small octopus, a lemon grass, an calamari, 5 gr fresh ginger, 10 gr small size prawn, 5 gr fresh coriander, 40 gr seabass or dorado, 5 gr fresh basil, 20 gr salmon fillet, 10 gr parsley, 10 gr rice, half lemon, 3 gr black pepper seed, 10  gr salt, an egg, 10 gr flour, bay leaves Method;       Octopus; Put octopus, chopped onion, […]