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Mahmudiyye (Chicken with dry fruits) served with bulghur with chestnut

Mahmudiyye (Chicken with dry fruits) served with bulghur with chestnut (serves 6 ) for bulghur with chestnut; Ingredients; 300 gr thick cracked wheat (bulghur), 200 gr chestnut, 200 gr onion, 60 gr butter, 30 gr raisins, 10 gr cumin, 10 gr allspice, 10 gr tomato paste, a bunch dill,  10 gr salt, 1/2 liter hot water. Method; Sautee finelly chopped onion with butter in a pan. Other side wash and strained bulghur. Start to change of onion color. Sautee bulghur […]

Lamb cubes casserole served with rose rice (serves 4)

Terkib-i Çeşidiyye served with rose flavored rice ( 4 kişilik ) for rose flavored rice; Ingredients; 200 gr rice, 60 gr butter, 200 gr almonds, 2 gr saffron, 200 ml rose water, 30 gr honey, 10 gr salt Method; Rest of saffron in rose water for 2 hours. Remove the almonds skin. Wash and drain rice, then roast in a pan with butter. Add almonds. Mix in salt, drain saffron-rose water and add to rice. Once it soaks the water, […]

Sauteed beef on crispy potato served with tomato sauce and yoghurt

Bodrum style kebab; Sliced beef served with tomato sauce and yoghurt on crispy potato for potato; Ingredients; 2 potato, 100 mlt sun flower oil, salt Method; Peel the potatoes and cut into 3 mm long slices. Cut sliced potato julienne and fry with sun flower oil.  Curing the potato for kebab; Ingredients; 200 gr beef tenderloin, a piece garlic, 5 gr fresh basil, 20 gr butter, an onion, 30 gr yoghurt, 50 gr tomato sauce (Please check angel hair borek recipe […]

Tarhana and prawn covered seabass fillet

Tarhana and prawn covered seabass fillet served with baked vegetable for garnish; Ingredients; a big potato, 5 gr salt, a tomato, 3 gr black pepper seed, 120 gr fresh spinach, a piece garlic, half onion, 10 gr butter Yapılışı; Peel the potatoes and cut into 1,5 cm long slices. Shave the sides and fry them. Add salt and pepper. Chop the tomatoes width wise. You may want to shave off their bottom parts a bit so they stand. Remove the seeds. […]

Lamb fillet covered with Antep pistachio served with wild thyme sauce

Lamb fillet covered with pistachio served with lamb sauce for lamb fillet; Ingredients; lamb fillet, one piece garlic, frozen whole toast bread, 5 gr fresh basil, 30 gr Antep pistachio, 5 gr thyme, 10 gr cream, salt, black pepper seed. Method;     Clean the lamb fillet and cut 12 cm. Put rest of fillet i mixer with garlic and cream. Add salt, black pepper and thyme to the mixture. Flavour 12 cm lamb fillet. Cut down frozen toast bread as 5 […]

Glazed chicken leg with maple syrup

Glazed chicken leg with mapple syrup for chicken leg; Ingredients; 2 pieces chicken legs, 5 gr fresh basil, 80 mlt fresh orange juice, a piece garlic, 50 mlt maple syrup, salt, black pepper Method; Flavour chicken leg with salt, mashed garlic, finelly chopped fresh basil and black pepper seed. Other side put orange juice and maple syrup. Marineted chicken leg in sauce for an hour. After pan fried chicken leg in a pan. Add little bit maple sauce and glazed […]