Category : Salads

Garden greens salad, with dashi salmon

Garden greens salad with dashi salmon served with olive oil lemon sauce for dashi salmon; Ingredients; 10 mlt soy sauce, 40 mlt fresh squezeed orange juice, 5 gr fresh coriander, 2 gr fresh ginger, 80 gr salmon Method; Finelly chop coriander and ginger. Mix soy sauce, orange juice, coriander and ginger in a bowl. Cut salmon finger shape. Marineted in sauce for 20 minutes. After pan fried it with dashi sauce. for salad; Ingredients; 3 pieces baby artichoke, 30 gr […]

Arugula Saald served with herb cheese and glazed apple

Arugula salad with Van cheese with greens served with caramelized apple, candy walnut and balsamic sauce for sauce; Ingrediends; 10 mlt balsamic vinegar, 20 mlt olive oil Method; Mix balsamic and olive oil until thicken for salad; Ingredients; an apple, 10 gr walnut, 10 gr sugar, 10 gr cherry tomato, 60 gr van cheese with greens , 5 gr leek, 10 gr carrot, 150 gr arugula, half lemon, 50 mlt sun flower oil. Method; Peel apple and cut down for four […]