Combination of crispy eggplant and artichoke

Combination of crispy eggplant & Artichoke in olive oil
for crispy eggplant ;
½ piece eggplant, 10 gr corn flour, 2 pieces soft tomato, 20 gr strained yoghurt, 50  mlt sun flower oil, ½ piece onion,          10 gr butter,  a piece garlic, 2 fresh basil leaves, 5 gr salt, 2 gr sugar
   Peel the eggplant half part with skin half part without. Cut round it as one cm. Add salt top for 20 minutes. After harsh water come down wash and dry it. Bread eggplant with corn flour. Deep fired with sun flower. After fried add little bit sugar top of eggplant.
For tomato sauce; Peel tomato as crushed(no skin, no seed). Sauteed finelly chopped onion and garlic with butter and than add tomatoes. Boiled on law heat for 15 minutes. Add fresh basil and take out from heat.
Before serve put tomato sauce for all eggplant rings. Put strained yoghurt top of it. It can be three decker or less – more.
for artichoke in olive oil ;
One artichoke, ½ piece carrotç, ½ piece potato, 5 gr green peas, an orange, 10 mlt olive oil, 5 gr salt
Sauteed finally chopped onion in olive oil. Add small parizyen carrot and grated potato. Add one unit water and 1/3 unit orange juice. If artichoke is not fresh, boil it before put in sauce. If fresh when sauce start to boil add artichoke. Keep it on law heat. Check vegetable, when it cooked add parizyen potato and green peas.  Add salt and white pepper. Can serve it with fresh dill.

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