Deep fried seafood kofte

Pan fried seafood kofte served with fennel tartar and roshti potato
for seafood kofte ;
1 small octopus, a lemon grass, an calamari, 5 gr fresh ginger, 10 gr small size prawn,
5 gr fresh coriander, 40 gr seabass or dorado, 5 gr fresh basil, 20 gr salmon fillet, 10 gr parsley, 10 gr rice, half lemon, 3 gr black pepper seed, 10  gr salt, an egg, 10 gr flour, bay leaves
      Octopus; Put octopus, chopped onion, carrot, lemon, bay leaves, black pepper seed, olive oil and half liter water together in a dip tray. Cover the tray with aluminum foil. Put in oven  must be 220 degrees pre-heated oven for an hour. Then leave to cold and clean – cut it cubes shape.
Calamari; Boil it in a sauce pan with onion, garlic, bay leaves and lemon. After boiled cut it cubes.
Other side boil rice and strain it. Take out skin of fish. Mash fish, salmon and prawn. Add ginger, coriander, lemon grass, basil and parsley in to the fish. Add octopus and calamari. Make it balls and keep in refrigerator for 20 minutes. And make a kofte form them.
Other side prepare flour and egg in seperate pans. Put it koftes first flour and then egg at the end pan fired it.
for roshti ;
an orange, 5 gr salt, a potato, 2 gr black pepper seed, 5 gr fresh basil, a piece garlic, 5 gr cream
Peel potato and grate. Press it until juice come down. Take it grated potato in a pan, grate orange peel. Add mashed garlic and fresh basil. Add cream, salt and black pepper seed. Put it in a round shape and pan fried them.
for fennel tartare ;
a fennel, 5 gr sugar, a lemon, 10 gr butter, 5 gr salt
Cut down fennel as four pieces. Out in a tray. Add salt, sugar, lemon, butter and 1/2 glass of water. Over the tray with aluminum foil. Put in oven.  Must be 180 degrees pre-heated oven for 15 minutes. Take out from oven and put it between two potato rosthi.
Lemon butter sauce;
10 gr butter, a lemon, 20 gr cream, salt
Put cream in a pan. When it start to boil on law heat, add butter and mix slowly with wire whip. Add lemon juice and grated lemon skin in to the sauce.

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