Garden greens salad, with dashi salmon

Garden greens salad with dashi salmon served with olive oil lemon sauce
for dashi salmon;
10 mlt soy sauce, 40 mlt fresh squezeed orange juice, 5 gr fresh coriander, 2 gr fresh ginger, 80 gr salmon
Finelly chop coriander and ginger. Mix soy sauce, orange juice, coriander and ginger in a bowl. Cut salmon finger shape. Marineted in sauce for 20 minutes. After pan fried it with dashi sauce.
for salad;
3 pieces baby artichoke, 30 gr cherry tomato, 10 gr capers, 90 gr Mediterranean greens, 60 gr arugula, 20 mlt olive oil, 10 mlt fresh lemon juice, 40 gr red bell pepper, 40 gr yellow bell pepper
Boil baby artichoke, cut down and grilled on charcoal. Clean all greens.
Prepare salad sauce with olive oil and lemon. You can also you lemon skin in sauce.
Other side cut bell peppers very thin julienne and keep in cold water with ice for 20 minutes.
Mix all greens with sauce and take a service plate. Put baby artichoke, cherry tomato and capers. Add dashi salmon fingers. Decorate with julienne bell peppers and serve..

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