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Lamb cubes casserole served with rose rice (serves 4)

Terkib-i Çeşidiyye served with rose flavored rice ( 4 kişilik )
for rose flavored rice;
200 gr rice, 60 gr butter, 200 gr almonds, 2 gr saffron, 200 ml rose water, 30 gr honey, 10 gr salt
Rest of saffron in rose water for 2 hours. Remove the almonds skin. Wash and drain rice, then roast in a pan with butter. Add almonds. Mix in salt, drain saffron-rose water and add to rice. Once it soaks the water, keep on low heat for five minutes, then rest.
for Terkib-i Çeşidiyye;
500 gr lamb rump, 150 gr minced lamb meat, 150 gr dried apricots, 150 dried plum, 150 gr almonds, 300 gr apple,  300 gr quince, 50 gr sour pomegranate, 20 gr honey, 10 gr starch, 30 ml rose water, 10 gr salt.
Mix honey and sour pomegranate sauce in a glass of lukewarm milk until thoroughly blended. Roast the lamb meat, diced in small chunks, over low heat. Add the honey mixture and salt to roasted meat. Cook covered for 45 minutes on very low heat. You may add more water once the water gets soaked up. In a separate container, knead the minced meat with salt to form small rounds. Once the meat in the pot softens, add the rounds, de-skinned almonds, cube cutted quinces, apricots and plums. Check the salt level and cook for 20 more minutes over low heat. Once the apricots soften, de-skin the apples, slicing them in half-moon shapes, and place on top of the food. Once all of the ingredients are cooked, thicken the juice with starch and rose water mixture.

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