Lamb fillet covered with Antep pistachio served with wild thyme sauce

Lamb fillet covered with pistachio served with lamb sauce
for lamb fillet;
lamb fillet, one piece garlic, frozen whole toast bread, 5 gr fresh basil, 30 gr Antep pistachio, 5 gr thyme,
10 gr cream, salt, black pepper seed.
    Clean the lamb fillet and cut 12 cm. Put rest of fillet i mixer with garlic and cream. Add salt, black pepper and thyme to the mixture. Flavour 12 cm lamb fillet.
Cut down frozen toast bread as 5 mm. Perfuse ground lamb on sliced bread and add Antep pistachio. Put lamb fillet on sliced bread and rolled together.
Fry it for two minutes in sun flower oil. After cook in oven in 180 degrees for 10 minutes.
for wild thyme sauce;
2 kg lamb bone, 50 gr tomato paste, 2 gr bay leaves, a carrot, an onion, 20 gr butter, a bell pepper, 2 pieces garlic,        5 gr honey, 5 gr salt, 20 gr wild thyme.
Break in middle lamb bone. Put in a tray and keep in oven for 20 minutes 200 degrees.
Other side sautee chopped onion, garlic, bay leaves, bell pepper, carrot and tomato paste. When start to burn all vegetable add water. After put lamb bones inside. Keep it for twelve hours on law heat. After twelve hours strain it and put another pan. Add finelly chopped wild thyme and butter. Boil together. Add salt and honey check flavour.

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