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Mahmudiyye (Chicken with dry fruits) served with bulghur with chestnut

Mahmudiyye (Chicken with dry fruits) served with bulghur with chestnut (serves 6 )
for bulghur with chestnut;
300 gr thick cracked wheat (bulghur), 200 gr chestnut, 200 gr onion, 60 gr butter, 30 gr raisins, 10 gr cumin, 10 gr allspice, 10 gr tomato paste, a bunch dill,  10 gr salt, 1/2 liter hot water.
Sautee finelly chopped onion with butter in a pan. Other side wash and strained bulghur. Start to change of onion color. Sautee bulghur with onion for five minutes. Add tomato paste. When you get to smell of tomato paste add chestnut and all other spices in ingredients. Sautee alltogether for a few minutes and add hot water. Cover the pan and keep on low heat for five minutes.
for Mahmudiyye;
1,5 kg whole chicken, 30 gr honey, 300 gr dried apricot, 200 gr raisins, 150 gr almonds, 30 gr butter, 10 gr salt.
Salt and boil the chicken. Rest the almonds in lukewarm water and remove the skin. Rest dried apricots and raisins in lukewarm water. Separate the boneless chicken from the water. Boil the chicken in a separate pot for two minutes, and then add raisins, dried apricots, honey and almonds. Sautee briefly, then add the chicken juice and bring to a boil. Rest and serve with the cracked wheat and chestnut pilaf.

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