Selection of Yoghurt Mezzes

Selection of Turkish Mezzes with Yoghurt
DESCRIPTION Vegetables mixed with yoghurt. Main vegetable can be cooked or uncooked, grated or chopped in some recipes!
SAMPLE RECIPE Butterde carrot with yoghurt;
Grated the carrot and sauteed it with butter. When its getting cold mix it with drained yoghurt. Add garlic pure and little bit olive oil. Add sald. If you like spicy you can add red flakes pepper. Mix all mixture.
THE KEY PART & If you use butter in this group mezzes, your mezze will be consistent!
& If drained yoghurt has to stronge taste you can not feel vegetable taste. So If you add little bit sugar in yoghurt, will find the solution!
& If you like different flavour you can use your favorites in some mezzes when sauteed vegetable in a pan.
Ex; Clove for carrot yoghurt. Anise for fennel yoghurt. Cinnamon for pumpkin yoghurt, lemon for celery yoghurt!
SOME KINDS  OF MEZZES with the same way! Carrot / Pumpkin / Celery / Zucchini / Eggplant / Bell pepper
Salicornia / Sedum spurium / Radish / Broccoli / Cauliflower /
Mushroom / Spinach / Fennel / Beetroot / Watercress / Boiled wheat and chickpeas

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