Stew style cooked vegetable in olive oil

DESCRIPTION All kinds of raw vegetable put in sauce pan one by one as cooking time. Stronge one must be undermost and onion, garlic and tomato upmost!
SAMPLE RECIPE Fresh green bean cooked in olive oil;
Clean string of fresh bean and cut it down. Put it under the sauce pan or casserole. Put julien chopped onion, garlic, peeled and chopped tomato top of fresh beans. Add salt, olive oil and good enough water. Put two sliced unpeeled orange. Put baking paper in the sauce pan. Keep it on law heat for 15 minutes.
THE KEY PART & If use little bit sugar and sliced orange, taste of main vegetable will come up in your mouth because of orange acid!
& If you cover vegetable with baking paper all vegetable will cook evenly!
& Law heat, copper pan or earth casserole will pile up taste!
& If use legumes for some recipes, flavor enhance and square meal. For example you can use rice for leek or use chickpeas for cauliflower.
SOME KINDS  OF MEZZES with the same way! Fresh cow pea/ Quince / Broccoli / Cauliflower / Carrot / Zucchini / Fennel / Mushroom / Asparagus
Roots of greens / Roots of spinach / Leek
Roots of water cress

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