Stuffed zucchini with Aegean greens

Stuffed zucchini with Aegean greens
2 pieces zucchini, an onion, a bunch mix Aegean greens, 50 gr boiled rice, a piece garlic, 5 gr grated lemon skin,  a piece sun dried tomato, 50 ml olive oil, salt and black pepper seed.
   Sautee jullien cutted onion and garlic with little bit olive oil in a pan. After a few minutes add jullien cutted sun dried tomato. When start to cook tomato add mix Aegean greens and grated lemon skin. Before change the greens color add salt, pepper and take out from the heat. When greens getting cold add boiled rice and mixed it slowly.
Wash zucchini and take out inside of the zucchini (middle soft part). Stuffed them with greens.
The other side put rind of onion and stalk of greens under the pan. Put stuffed zucchini on it. Add rest of olive oil, a tea glass water and salt. Keep on low heat for twenty minutes. You can serve it as cold or hot.
Can serve preferable with yoghurt.

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