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Traditional Turkish style lentil soup with cruton bread and lemon

Traditional lentil soup served with caramelized onion and crutons
for soup;
500 gr red lentil, 30 gr butter, a carrot, a lemon, an onion, a potato, 2  liter water, salt, red flakes pepper
Wash lentil for three times with cold water and filter it. Put lentil in a pan add water, finely choped onion, carrot and potato. Cut lemon and put it, too. When start to boiling keep on small fire for 45 minutes. Take out lemon and mix soup with thomson blendır. Strain soup and put on fire again. Add salt, red flakes pepper and butter and take out from fire.
Caramelized oion;
2 onion, 10 gr butter
Cut onions julienne. Sauteed it with utter until caramelized.
for crutons;
2 pieces toast bread, 5 gr butter
Cut toast breads as cubes. Mix slowly with melted butter. If you like you can alos use mashed garlic!
Put a tray and keep in oven for 170 degrees and 5 minutes.

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