Vegetable cooked in sauce and olive oil

DESCRIPTION Vegetable cooked in sauce on this group. Vegetable sauteed one by one with half of grated potato. Add good enough water and 1/3 orange juice.
SAMPLE RECIPE Artichoke cooked in olive oil;
Sauteed finally chopped onion in olive oil. Add small parizyen carrot and grated potato. Add one unit water and 1/3 unit orange juice. If artichoke is not fresh, boil it before put in sauce. If fresh when sauce start to boil add artichoke. Keep it on law heat. Check vegetable, when it cooked add parizyen potato and green peas.  Add salt and white pepper. Can serve it with fresh dill.
THE KEY PART & We use flour in traditional recipe but if prefer to use grated potato will be more healty and more tasty.
& If use orange juice or skin during the boiling, all vegetable flavour will come up in your mouth because of orange acid.
& Law heat, copper pan or earth casserole will pile up taste!
& You can use legumes for some recipes.(chickpeas, bean or bulghur etc…)
& During the boiling sauce foam will come up. If you dont take foam, meal will be dull color and taste will be a bit harsh!
& If your artichoke is not fresh, you need to boil before put in sauce and you must use boiled water in sauce!
SOME KINDS  OF MEZZES with the same way! Heart of artichoke / Celery / Okra / Pumpkin /
Radix Gundeliae / Rind of melon and water melon

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