Stuffed vegetable platter cooked in olive oil

Stuffed vegetables in olive oil;
Stuffed tomato with dried fig & Stuffed dried eggplant with sour cherry & Stuffed wine leaves with chestnut
for stuffing ;
100 gr rice, 300 gr Onion, 100 ml sunflower oil, 10 gr Pine nuts, 10 gr Currants, 5 gr Dried mint, ¼ bunch Fresh mint, ¼ bunch Fresh parsley,  10 gr Salt, 5 gr Pimento, 5 gr Cumin, 3 gr Powder cinnamon,
for stuffed vegetable ;
50 gr wine leaves, 2 pieces dry eggplant, a small tomato, 20 mlt olive oil, half lemon, a piece dry fig,       10 gr cherry compot, 10 gr chestnut
      Sautee pine nuts with sun flower oil. After add julienne cutted onions. When onions juice get down add washed and strained rice. Sautee for ten minutes. After add all spices and currants which keep in warm water for ten minutes. Cover saucepan and keep rice on law heat for five minutes. No need add water, onion juice will enough but important rice must be one unit and onion must be 3 units!
Put rice in a large tray. Add finely chopped fresh parsley and fresh mint. Mix it slowly. Your stuffing is ready.
Boil the dried eggplant in hot water, then drain.Remove the insides of the tomatoes. Leave the leaves in hot water for an hour, then drain. Now all the ingredients are ready to be stuffed.
Trisect the stuffing. You need to more cook rice for tomato. Because tomato is too sensitive than eggplant and wine leaves. Need to mix finelly choped dry fig for cherry tomato, sour cherry for dry eggplant and chestnut for wine leaves.
All cooking time is different, thats why you need to cooked all vegetable seperate saucepan or tray. Saucepan for on law heat, tray for oven. You can cook when ever you want. You may choose to add a little sugar, olive oil, less water and lemon. If you cook in oven, must be 180 degrees pre-heated oven for 15 minutes then leave to cool. After they’re cooked let them cool inside the casserole so that they don’t darken.
for fresh mint dip ;
30 gr plained yoghurt, a piece garlic,  ½ bunch fresh mint, salt
Mashed garlic, finelly chooped fresh mint at the end, mixed all items.

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